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Asthma Success Story:

Thyroid Success Story:

Honestly, the only thing I tell people that are having issues is that I guarantee that if they come here they'll figure out what's causing the issue and have how to get better.

- John D.

It has been an honor to be a patient. I not only have transcended health-wise physically but mentally and emotionally as well. I find that I have an increased level of peace. My focus, memory, and patience have all improved with the help and care of the office. I feel fortunate to have come across such a marvelous group of people; they not only care about my health but my complete well-being. Thank you Secoya Health for all that you do!
-Carl G.

The entire team at Secoya Health is professional, friendly and put you at ease the moment you walk through the door. Dr. Schilling uses his skills and education to develop a personalized plan for you. Secoya Health is helping me heal and improve my health!
-Lisa L.

Family Wellness Succes Story:

Headaches Success Story:

A year ago, I was suffering from conditions that medical specialists said were incurable. I was in pain most of the time and limited physically. Medical doctors had prescribed medication, but with little results. The only thing they could offer was more medication, with no guarantee it would help. I felt helpless as I struggled to do simple everyday activities. On the advice from a friend, I sought care at Secoya Health. After a very thorough examination and the doctor thoughtfully listened to my concerns and answered my questions. He devised a treatment plan which I followed to the letter. The results were beyond my expectations! Not only did I find relief, I am now pain-free and my physical limitations are gone. I am able to work and enjoy life again. My family and friends can hardly believe it. I am on my way to a healthier life than I have had in a long time.
-Karen H.

My right hip ached for a while. I thought I lifted something incorrectly. I knew it was time to come in as it didn't relieve itself within a few days. I learned it was my emotions. I got something, and it almost immediately made my hip ache go away.

- Jane D.

Lyme Disease Success Story:

Lyme Disease Success Story:

I love coming to Secoya. I am so much healthier because of it."

-Linda H.

Tried the natural "sunscreen" that you recommended. I was out at the Irish Fair for 8 hours and only got a mild burn. With MY skin, that is like a miracle! Thanks so much. I'm telling all my pale-skinned relatives and friends!
-Kelli S.

Lyme Disease Success Story:

Crohn's Disease Success Story:

Crohn's Disease A Mother's View of the Success Story:

Lyme Disease Success Story:

Plantar Fasciitis Success Story: