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US Enzymes Product and Protocol Discussion

Tuesday, March 5th, 2019

Hosted By: Dr. Daniel Schilling
Join us for a discussion from 3:30 pm- 6:30 pm (CST) on the fantastic US Enzyme Products and Protocols.

U.S. Enzymes, Inc. is a company that specializes in the education and marketing of nutraceutical enzyme products to health professionals. U.S. Enzymes believes that supplementing daily with enzymes is the second most important factor that decides both the quality & quantity of life with the thoughts you think being number one. Enzymes are the foundation of all life because they do more in the human body than all other nutrients combined. In fact, all vitamins and minerals are considered co-enzymes. In other words, they do not work without enzymes. Backed by almost twenty years of research and some of the top names in the industry our commitment is to introduce enzymes to the world.

Event Cost = $29 Includes Healthy Snack (This event is for practitioners only.)

*Join us after for dinner at Craving Wine Bar, the dinner cost is not included in registration.

A great line up of speakers including:

Jason Rozin, Dr. Eric Balacavage, Dr. Kelly Halderman, and Dr. Allan Lindsley.

Click HERE To Register or Call 651-738-7800

Event Location:
Secoya Health7650 Currell Blvd., Suite 330 Woodbury, MN 55125

Jason Rozin

Jason Rozin

Jason Rozin spent 10 years working in the financial industry before realizing his passion for health. He then earned a BHS in Integrated Medicine from Quantum University and has trained extensively in Functional Neurology, Functional Medicine, Applied Kinesiology, & Energy Medicine. Currently, he is taking courses to complete his ND. Jason enthusiastically consults doctors on functional and energetic medicine. When not at work he enjoys spending time with his wonderful wife Babs and son Leo. Jason and his family live in Amsterdam.

Dr. Daniel Schilling

Dr. Schilling became a chiropractor because, as he puts it, "Without chiropractic, I could not do the activities I enjoy." Having played hockey and baseball through high school, Division II college football at UMD and now playing Capoeira, Dr. Schilling is a life-long athlete. He understands how to treat athletes based on the challenges their activities present. Dr. Schilling believes everyone deserves to live free from pain and be able to achieve their peak performance.
"Integrating US Enzymes into our toolset gave Secoya Health a dramatic boost in our efforts to impact our patients' lives in a positive and profound way. I personally, as do many of our clinic team members use many of their products and rotate them based on our body's specific needs."

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